About Pro Tennis Tips


Pro Tennis Tips was started by two cousins who wanted to create a website with lots of useful tennis tips and in-depth tutorials. Of course, we know just as anyone else that when it comes to starting a business, brand name is central to conveying image. So of course, we tacked on the “Pro” to create “Pro Tennis Tips” (which we think sounds pretty professional, don’t you think?). Are we professional tennis players? Not in the slightest sense, but we know a lot about tennis and love it enough to be able to write helpful tutorials for you. If you’d like to get in touch with us, use the contact form. Anyway, here’s a little about us:

About Daniel

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Trinh. I started playing tennis when I was in the 6th grade. When I went to High School, I was placed for #3 singles for varsity and #1 singles the following 3 years. The reason I started playing tennis was because all my friends from the park (which has 6 tennis courts) all started playing tennis. At first we played tennis to have fun and have a good laugh. By the time I got into 8th grade, we started taking tennis a little more seriously by playing sets and competing with each other in tournaments. The sad part is that we all went to different high schools so we weren’t on the same team. But every week, I would come to the park to play tennis with them until I graduated high school. Also, I had 2 tennis coaches teaching me how to play tennis: my varsity coach who taught me on the weekdays and my other coach who taught me at the tennis park on the weekends. The racquet I use right now is the Head Youtek Prestige Mid. Throughout my senior year of high school, I was actually a tennis coach and I taught kids (in elementary and middle school) how to play. Even though I didn’t make a legend out of myself playing tennis, I still enjoy the sport today and play tennis twice a week with my parents and some old folks.


About Perry

Greetings dear visitor, I’ve been waiting for you. A little about me: my name is Perry and I started playing tennis when I was about 7 or 8 and continued playing up until about high school. That’s about the time I stopped and took up skateboarding instead. While my entire family spent lots of time on the tennis courts (the same ones my cousin would go to, shout outs to Park West Park in Orange County), I was unfortunately blessed with an inability to compete, which is probably why I enjoy writing, programming, and other solitary hobbies. As for my family, my mom was very big on tennis and taught me and my sister how to play at a young age. My sister, however, was very talented, ranking #1 varsity for her high school and even competing in CIF regionals. (Perhaps I’ll ask her to teach you guys a thing or two when she has the time.) And although I don’t play tennis consistently enough to compete, I do enjoy it as a recreational activity. Anyway, thanks for stopping by our site and I hope you enjoy your visit!

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