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Tennis Rules

Want to learn how to play tennis? Or, do you want to understand what’s going on when you’re at a tournament or watching tennis on TV? Obviously, you’re going to need to know the rules of tennis in order to understand the sport. However, they can be a little complicated to remember at first, but we’ll walk you through every little detail as best and as simply as we can. So, read on if you […]

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Tennis Scoring System

Whether you are just a tennis enthusiast who wants to understand who’s winning in a game of tennis or you’re just starting off playing matches of your own, it’s important to know the official tennis scoring system and the various terms that are a part of it. Without knowing this stuff, you might be left feeling a little confused whenever someone talks about tennis scores around you. So, today we’ll be going over the different […]

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The Complete History of Tennis

Ever wondered about the origins of tennis and how it came about? We were curious too, so we did a little sleuthing around on the history of tennis to see what we could find. Turns out, the game we know and love today started off as a completely different kind of tennis, taking centuries upon centuries to evolve into the modern day sport. Yes, that’s right, tennis has been traced back a millennium ago, possibly […]

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