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How to String a Tennis Racquet Featured

How to String a Tennis Racquet

Without strings on your racquet, you won’t be able to hit a tennis ball (unless you’re going to play with the side of your racquet’s frame forever). And as you may know, tennis strings can break often, resulting in expensive stringing if you get it fixed at a shop every time. That’s why today, we’re going to teach you how to a string a tennis racquet yourself!However, learning how to string a tennis racquet isn’t […]

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how to choose a tennis racquet

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

Picking the right tennis racquet can help immensely in improving your tennis game. You might not think so at first, but all the different factors that goes into a racquet can drastically determine how you play. When it comes down to it, your play style will most likely be influenced by your taste in racquets. Don’t believe me? When you consider things such as string pattern, head size, weight, balance point, swing weight, grip size, […]

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tennis racquet grip size featured

How to Find Your Tennis Racquet Grip Size

Having the right tennis racquet grip size will help immensely with how you play on the court. The tennis grip size is basically the measurement of the perimeter of the handle’s octagonal cross-section. In other words, the outline or thickness of the handle constitutes the tennis grip size. Typical grip sizes range from 4″ / 101.6 mm (for juniors) to 4 3/4″ / 123 mm (for adults) in the US. In Europe, grip size is rated […]

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definitive guide on tennis grip

The Definitive Guide on Tennis Grips

A very important aspect of tennis is knowing what the tennis grips are and what they are used for. A tennis grip is essentially how you hold the racquet, with different types of tennis grips being used for different types of shots. The three main types of tennis grips are the Continental, the Eastern, and the Western, with a slight variation of the Western grip called the Semi-Western grip. So, in this article, we will […]

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Tennis Rules

Want to learn how to play tennis? Or, do you want to understand what’s going on when you’re at a tournament or watching tennis on TV? Obviously, you’re going to need to know the rules of tennis in order to understand the sport. However, they can be a little complicated to remember at first, but we’ll walk you through every little detail as best and as simply as we can. So, read on if you […]

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Tennis Scoring System

Whether you are just a tennis enthusiast who wants to understand who’s winning in a game of tennis or you’re just starting off playing matches of your own, it’s important to know the official tennis scoring system and the various terms that are a part of it. Without knowing this stuff, you might be left feeling a little confused whenever someone talks about tennis scores around you. So, today we’ll be going over the different […]

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The Complete History of Tennis

Ever wondered about the origins of tennis and how it came about? We were curious too, so we did a little sleuthing around on the history of tennis to see what we could find. Turns out, the game we know and love today started off as a completely different kind of tennis, taking centuries upon centuries to evolve into the modern day sport. Yes, that’s right, tennis has been traced back a millennium ago, possibly […]

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