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How-To: Basic Tennis Drills

Tennis is a very fast-paced sport with very different shots and very different play styles. In order to get used to the different shots and play styles, it’s necessary to train yourself through the use of tennis drills. Basically, tennis drills give the player a simulation of certain situations that might occur during a point, giving you more experience while also building up muscle memory to respond to these situations as quickly as possible. Having […]

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tennis footwork featured

How-to: Tennis Footwork

Learning correct tennis footwork will be necessary if you wish to advance your game. Obviously, the game of tennis requires a substantial amount of running around the court, and of course, there are always best practices to keep in mind when doing so. That’s what tennis footwork is for. Moving around the court efficiently, being able to always reach a ball, and how to always stay prepared for the next shot are just a few […]

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tennis backhand featured - how-to: tennis backhand

How-to: Tennis Backhand

If you’re already familiar with the forehand, we can now move onto the tennis backhand. If you don’t know what a backhand is yet, it’s simply a stroke that is played with the back of the hand facing in the direction of the stroke. Although it’s a little harder to learn than a forehand at first, a good tennis backhand is essential for a complete range of strokes. This is mostly because it provides coverage […]

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tennis forehand tutorial

How-to: Tennis Forehand

Your forehand will need to be your strongest stroke in a game since you’ll be executing it with your dominant hand. Because of this, a tennis forehand will be your best weapon in a match, but it will take lots of practice to master a killer one. Starting off, you’ll probably learn the tennis forehand slowly, emphasizing consistency over power. Your main priority when first learning the tennis forehand is to just get it over […]

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Rafael Nadal - Tennis Volley

How-To: Tennis Volley

Learning the tennis volley is essential to a complete mastery of tennis. If you’re going to play a game, you’ll need to have a good idea of what your groundstrokes are, how to serve, and how to volley in tennis correctly. Today, we’ll be going over the tennis volley and how to execute it properly, which will involve an approach to the forecourt with the right timing while knowing which type of volley to use. […]

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tennis serve featured

How-to: Tennis Serve

The tennis serve will be one of the most important parts of your game since you’ll be serving for half of each set, or three games out of six. Every point starts off with a serve as well, so you’re going to need a good one in order to put pressure on your opponent. The serve will determine the way in which a point will pan out, since a player with a good serve will […]

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