Dunlop Hotmelt 300G Review

Dunlop Hotmelt 300G ReviewToday we are bringing you the Dunlop Hotmelt 300G review, which is one of Dunlop’s more popular racquets and with good reason. The Dunlop Hotmelt 300G is an extremely versatile racquet that focuses on feel, comfort, and control (with the use of Hotmelt technology), which is perfect for a more advanced player who is confident in their ability. If you are more aligned toward power and spin, the 500 series might fare you better, while the 400 series combines the best of both worlds for intermediate players. Whatever you decide to choose, we’d like to help in that decision. That’s why we’ll be going over all the pro and cons of this racquet in our full Dunlop Hotmelt 300G review, so continue if you’d like to learn more and see if this racquet is the right fit for you.

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Dunlop Hotmelt 300G Review

Features & Specifications

  • Control oriented with great feel
  • A thicker throat bridge to increase power and stability
  • A smaller, 98 head for advanced players who desire precision
  • Pre-strung with Dunlop S-Gut 16 tennis string (recommended 55-65 lbs.)
String Pattern:Headsize:Weight / Balance Point:Swing Weight:Frame Stiffness:Composition:
  • 98
  • 632
  •  10.8 oz
  • 306 g
  • 3 pts head light
39765Braided Graphite/Elastomer/Kevlar Yoke
  • Comfort Never Felt So Good

Dunlop Hotmelt 300G Review - Hotmelt TechnologyDunlop’s 300 series is specially designed for control and feel, and the Hotmelt 300G improves on this even further with its special frame construction. The 300G’s bridge is made with a sturdy elastomer/Kevlar combination; elastomer is a special polymer which has both viscosity and elasticity and when combined with the high tensile strength of Kevlar, creates a racquet that provides extra stability for players with long and fast swings. Coupled with that is Dunlop’s Hotmelt technology, which is a revolutionary manufacturing process where a layer of molten graphite skin covers the entire racquet frame, making it incredibly strong, durable, and responsive. According to Dunlop this helps to create a more uniform graphite coating, enhancing natural power, producing greater shot accuracy, giving a more consistent touch and feel, and allowing for 30% more power when compared to standard graphite racquets.

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  • Control Without the Bulk

Although the Dunlop Hotmelt 300G is a control and feel oriented racquet (which is typically associated with more weight), we were surprised to find out that the racquet only comes in at 10.7 ounces strung, which effectively puts it in the medium weight category. Compared to heavier racquets that often weigh more than 12 ounces unstrung, this is a huge advantage for players who want a little extra maneuverability in their arsenal. Typically, heavier racquets come at a cost, mobility is lost in favor of control, but both qualities are prevalent in the Dunlop Hotmelt 300G as long as your swings are long and fast. That’s why we recommend this racquet for intermediate or advanced players who consistently have explosive shots. The 16×19 string pattern also allows for increased spin for those who favor precision shots and hard-to-predict serves, and it is remarkably responsive while at net. With this racquet, Dunlop made it clear that you can have a player’s racquet without the burden of bulk.

  • Focuses on feel, comfort, control, and manueverability
  • Perfect for players with fast and long swings for lots of power and spin
  • Stiffer and stronger than most standard carbon graphite racquets
  • Less weight than heavier control-oriented racquets for added mobility
  • Improved yoke for added stability and power to your shots
  • Requires consistent shots in center for maximum power
  • Smaller head size makes it harder for beginning players to get used to
  • Some may argue that it’s too light for a player’s racquet

Final Thoughts

Dunlop Hotmelt 300G ReviewIf control and feel are what you desire, look no further than the Dunlop Hotmelt 300G. Its stronger and more stable yoke, reduction in bulk, and Hotmelt technology makes it a top choice for any intermediate to advanced player who knows what they are doing. Crisp feel, clean shots, and lightning fast are the only things that come to mind. If that sounds like a match for you, our only advice is to get it while you can, since the word on the street is that Dunlop is looking to discontinue it in favor of newer models.

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