Head Ti S6 Review

AHead Ti S6 Reviews you may know, Head is a major manufacturer of high-quality tennis racquets, which is why we’ll be doing a Head Ti S6 review today. The Ti S6 happens to be the best selling tennis racquet in the history of Head (and was even the top selling racquet in the world at one point), outselling the newer but now discontinued Ti S7. First introduced in 1996, the Head Ti S6 is still an amazing racquet that offers optimal performance to this day! Just goes to show you that tried and true function trumps fashion any day. But what exactly makes this racquet such a popular choice? We did a little investigation to find out the why. With that being said, here is our Head Ti S6 review.

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Head Ti S6 Review

Features & Specifications

  • Oversize head allows for maximum power
  • Comfortable SofTac™ Grip
  • ShockStop™ helps to reduce vibration
  • Pre-strung with Head Synthetic Gut at 61 lbs.
  • Strong but light titanium and graphite construction
String Pattern:Headsize:Weight / Balance Point:Swing Weight:Frame Stiffness:Composition:
  • 115 sq.in
  • 742 sq.cm
  • 8.9 oz
  • 252 g
  • 8 pts head heavy

Graphite / Titanium

  • Ready-to-Go

One of the biggest selling points for the Ti S6 is the fact that it comes pre-strung. For many beginning and recreational players, that’s a huge plus to be able to play with this racquet right when you get it. You won’t have to worry about getting it strung at a shop or knowing about string tension and all that. It’s as simple as get it and go.

If by any chance the strings snap, it might be useful to know that it’s strung with HEAD synthetic gut 16 silver and its string tension is ~61 pounds, which is an ideal range.

  • Maximum Power

The Head Ti S6 features an oversize head (115 sq. in.), a head heavy frame (8 points head heavy), and an open string pattern, which means maximum amount of power while boasting an ultra-light handle and quick swing weight for the player using it. With the oversize head comes a bigger sweet spot, which tolerates shots that are not hit at the very center.

Again, this racquet is ideal for beginners since it will allow players to gain confidence in their shots as they improve and start hitting shots more and more in the center. As for recreational players, you’ll still have all the power you’ll need on the court without expending tons of energy. Furthermore, with the light construction and features that focus on power, it will take less effort to maximize on your swing speed, especially for players with short to medium but solid swings.

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  • Light, Agile, and Durable

Constructed with titanium with an ultra-lite graphite woven in, this gives the the Head Ti S6 an extremely light feel (only 8.9 oz strung!) which favors maneuverability around the court. Although don’t be fooled, this racquet is extremely durable and will stand up to the pressures of the court, as you can tell by its frame stiffness rating of 75. Its 28.5mm straight beam widebody refers to the width of the beam around the racquet, and thicker beams make the tennis racquet more powerful. With thinner beams around 22mm and the largest being 28mm, you can see why so many people have praised this racquet for its power output. Coupled with its stiff, lightweight design, durability and mobility are also big highlights for this racquet.

  • Graphite and titanium construction offers amazing strength without all the unnecessary weight
  • Oversize head, head heavy frame, open string pattern, large sweet spot, and wider than average beam grants maximum power with less effort on your part
  • Best for beginning, casual, and recreational players with slow to medium swing speeds
  •  With a design that focuses on power while making it lightweight, this can cause more vibration on the hands, elbow, and shoulder than other racquets. That’s why we recommend using a high-quality shock absorber for less strain on the body
  • More advanced players might prefer other racquets altogether, since the Head Ti S6 does most of the work for you. This can make it harder for players to improve if they end up relying on the racquet’s power and maneuverability instead of their own

Final Thoughts

Head Ti S6 ReviewReady to play with right when you receive it, the Head Ti S6 is an all-around amazing racquet that caters to beginning, casual, and recreational players who are searching for the full package. If you are looking for maximum power with less effort, rigid construction that will last you for years, and a lightweight frame for mobility, then you should really consider the Head Ti S6 tennis racquet. It can’t just be a fluke if the Head Ti S6 is one of the most recognizable and preferred racquets today even after nearly 20 years, and with an affordable price tag (can often be found for under $100), the Head Ti S6 won’t let you down, ever.

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