Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Review

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 ReviewCompared to the other racquets on the market, Prince introduced a new, unique design with larger grommet holes all around the outer frame with the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100. With all the racquets that Prince has made, the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 appealed to us the most because of this. If you take a close look at its frame, you might notice the larger grommet holes lined at the top of the racquet. This is no mistake; Prince designed these larger grommets holes as part of their EXO3 technology to improve players’ performance. In addition to this new technology, there are also a ton of other great features that the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 sports, such as being a midplus racquet at 100 and being very light. Care to find out what they are? Then read our Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 review for all the details!

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Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Review

Features & Specifications

  • EXO3 technology allows for a larger and more consistent hitting area
  • 100 square inch head for great control and precision
  • Light weight means more arm-friendly and a faster swing speed
  • Thicker tapered beam to dampen vibration
  • Recommended tension range of 53 to 63 lbs.
String Pattern:Headsize:Weight / Balance Point:Swing Weight:Frame Stiffness:Composition:
  • 100
  • 645
  • 10.3 oz
  • 292g
  • 3 points head heavy
  • EXO3 Technology

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Review - EXO3 Grommet HolesThe EXO3 technology is a big part of the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100’s design, which you can see is applied to the top of the string bed. What EXO3 technology does is make use of the larger grommet holes and string suspension inserts to create a superior hitting area when compared to conventional racquets with the same headsize. With this technology, strings are completely free from restrictive, response-strangling grommets that are used in most other tennis racquets, allowing the strings in the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 to respond more freely while sending more useful feedback your way. There is also another benefit these larger holes provide, which is improved aerodynamics for faster racquet head speed that allows for more power, spin, and lightning-quick reaction.

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EXO3 technology also gives you a larger hitting area so that even shots that are hit off-center or at full stretch still feels like you are hitting in the sweet spot, which only helps to build confidence in your shots. Although it can take some time getting used to at first because of its unique feel at impact, once you’ve played with it enough, you are sure to take a liking to its amazing comfort.

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 Review - EXO3 technology

  • Light, Fast, and Maneuverable

While gripping the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 you might notice its light weight, which is kind of hard to miss. Coming in at only 10.3 ounces strung, this racket is surprisingly light even though it’s designed as an intermediate to advanced player’s racquet. This is largely thanks to the EXO3 technology that grants a faster swing and improved aerodynamics. It’s also easy on the arms just like any Prince racquet with EXO3. So if you are willing to trade a little power for extra mobility, the Prince EXO3 racquet might be suited for you.

  • Light and very maneuverable
  • Has a larger sweet spot compared to other racquets
  • Recommended for beginners and intermediate players
  •  Not recommended for advanced players who prefer a heavier head light racquet
  • Tougher to plow through shots with

Final Thoughts

Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 ReviewAfter taking a closer look at this racquet in our Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 review, it’s time to wrap up our thoughts. We believe this racquet is best for beginning to intermediate players who are looking to improve their tennis game. The smaller head size is a great start for growing your skills, but there are just enough features packed in this racquet that can still help to build up your confidence. Namely, EXO3 technology and the lighter weight. EXO3 technology helps to enlarge the sweet spot while also allowing for improved aerodynamics and maximizing comfort in your swings. The light weight is also perfect for helping players get around the court faster, especially when a little extra reach is needed. Although it can be a little lacking in the power it’s able to produce, it counters that weakness nicely with the faster swing speed and spin potential it’s capable of. All in all, the Prince EXO3 Hornet 100 is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking to improve their game, and the fact that it’s easy on the arms doesn’t hurt either.

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