Prince Tour 100 Review

Prince Tour 100 ReviewFollowing the success of the Prince EXO3 Tour, the Tour 100 was introduced as an updated version, featuring Prince’s trademark EXO3 technology. We took it for a little test drive and were happy to find that this racquet has a good amount of power, spin potential, control, and above all else, a high level of comfort. Although the Tour 100 comes in both an 18×20 and 16×18 option, we leaned more toward the 16×18 frame because of its increased power and spin potential. Now, while looking at this very cute racquet, you might notice the larger grommet holes covering the racquet’s frame. This, my good friend, is no accident. Prince refers to these larger grommet holes as its EXO3 technology, which has quite a few benefits that sparked our interest. If you’re wondering what they are, keep reading our Prince Tour 100 review to find out more.

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Prince Tour 100 Review

Features & Specifications

  • EXO3 technology allows for a more consistent hitting area
  • 100 square inch head for a high level of control and precision
  • Soft and comfortable feel makes it one of the most arm-friendly player’s racquet
  • 16×18 string pattern allows for maximum spin potential
  • Recommended tension range of 53 to 63 lbs. (optimum 58 lbs.)
String Pattern:Headsize:Weight / Balance Point:Swing Weight:Frame Stiffness:Composition:
  •  100
  • 645
  • 11.5 oz
  • 326.02g
  • 7 points head light
32556 Graphite
  • EXO3 Technology

Prince Tour 100 Review - EXO3 Grommet HolesA big part of the Prince Tour 100’s design is its use of EXO3 technology, which is immediately apparent when you take a quick glance at its frame. This unique racquet design makes use of larger grommet holes and string suspension inserts to create a superior hitting area when compared to conventional racquets with the same headsize. With this design, strings are completely free from restrictive, response-strangling grommets that are used in most other tennis racquets, allowing the strings in the Prince Tour 100 to respond more freely while sending more useful feedback your way. And with these larger grommet holes comes the benefit of improved aerodynamics for faster racquet head speed that allows for more power, spin, and lightning-quick reaction.

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Also, a larger hitting area makes it so that even shots that are hit off-center or at full stretch still feels like you are hitting in the sweet spot, and you already know what a remarkable feeling that is. Prince claims EXO3 creates a 54% bigger sweet spot for top-of-the-line performance, so whether hitting solid service returns, crisp volleys, or running forehand shots, the Prince Tour 100 delivers. In our opinion, this racquet is perfect for intermediate to advanced players who enjoy playing at the baseline, utilizing spin and control as a part of their strategy. Also, you’ll want to make sure you have full and fast strokes in order to get the most out of this racquet.

Prince Tour 100 Review - EXO3 Technology

  • Easy on the Arms

The Prince Tour 100 is designed with EXO3 ports all around the racquet, which not only allows for a larger sweet spot but also gives the racquet an incredibly soft and comfortable feel on impact. And since the frame also comes with a high degree of flexibility, these factors come together to form a unique racquet that is extremely easy on the arms (quite possibly one of the best-feeling racquets on the market) without sacrificing performance on the court.

  • Very flexible and powerful frame for baseliners; rewards fast strokes
  • Perfect for intermediate and advanced players with long and full swings
  • Lots of control and potential for spin
  • Extremely friendly on the arm with its EXO3 technology for a soft feel
  • EXO3 technology also helps create a larger sweet spot, which is beneficial for this 100 frame
  • 100 head means you’ll have to be consistent with your shots
  • The soft feel on impact can be a little awkward at first, especially if you are used to more traditional racquets

Final Thoughts

Prince Tour 100 ReviewSo now that we’ve gone through our Prince Tour 100 review–pointing out its strengths and weaknesses as best as we can–it’s time to wrap up our thoughts. Our conclusion: the Prince Tour 100 wasn’t built with all players in mind, it’s geared more toward intermediate and advanced players who know how to swing a racquet and could benefit from a new frame with an incredibly unique feel. Although the head size is only 100, that shouldn’t be a problem if you have experience placing your shots (and the bigger sweet spot EXO3 technology grants doesn’t hurt either). And as long as your swings are long and fast, you’ll be able to plow through your shots with ease. Not only does it allow for precision and spin, but your arms are sure to thank you as well since EXO3 technology helps to dampen out those harsh vibrations.

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