Wilson K Factor KZero Review

Wilson K Factor KZero ReviewHi folks! We are back with another; this time, it will be a complete Wilson K Factor KZero review to find out the differences of this racquet compared to others on the market. Word on the street is that the K Factor KZero is one of the lightest racquets offered by Wilson, with a design inspired by Roger Federer that has some serious power packed within its frame. Best suited for recreational players who don’t want to spend so much energy on the court, the thing that stuck out to us the most when looking at its specifications is the fact that it only weighs 9 ounces strung and that it comes equipped with a 118 sq.in head. This racquet also features three advanced technologies that begin with a K: [K]ompact Center, [K]ontour Yoke, and [K]arophite technology. Is this a marketing ploy by Wilson to sound edgy? We had to do a deeper analysis to find out whether all of these things actually help to create a better racquet. So, without further ado, here is our Wilson K Factor KZero review.

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Wilson K Factor KZero Review

Features & Specifications

  • Very large head for an extra large sweet spot (118 sq. inches)
  • Lightest K Factor racquet (9.1 ounces strung)
  • Pre-strung with Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 16g at 60 lbs.
  • [K]ompact Center improves handling, maneuverability, and provides additional feel
  • [K]ontour Yoke is a new frame technology that enhances swiftness at key stress points on the racquet which improves torsional stability
  • [K]arophite Black is a new racquet structure that is created through a unique process at the nanoscopic level resulting in more feel and a stronger and more stable racquet
String Pattern:Headsize:Weight / Balance Point:Swing Weight:Frame Stiffness:Composition:
  • 118 sq.in
  • 761 sq.cm
  • 9.1 oz
  • 258 g
  •  4 pts head heavy
298 70

100% [K]arophite Black

  • Lightweight, Maneuverable, and Lots of Feel

Wilson K Factor KZero Review - TechnologyThe Wilson K Factor KZero is the lightest K Factor racquet in the Wilson line, weighing in at only 9.1 ounces strung. That’s extremely light on the weight spectrum, with anything below 10 ounces considered light. You won’t notice how much of a difference it makes until you get the court, however. Light racquets provide a number of advantages, including more maneuverability, faster swings, and less energy required. The only downsides to light racquets are less control and more shock, which is why we highly recommend using an excellent shock absorber when playing with light racquets to dampen excessive vibrations.

That being said, this racquet is 4 points head heavy, with more of the weight distributed in the head. The Wilson K Factor KZero, combined with its lightweight design, also features [K]ompact Center design which was inspired by Roger Federer. [K]ompact Center works by shortening the yoke, which is the triangular hole you can find at the throat of any racquet. The yoke on the Wilson K Factor KZero, when seen, is more equilateral than compared to most other racquets. This technology helps to improve maneuverability, stability, and feel.

  • Less Energy for Maximum Power

Any racquet with a head size over 105 sq.in is considered an oversize racquet, and since the Wilson K Factor KZero comes equipped with a 118 sq.in head, it’s pretty apparent that this racquet stresses the importance of power very highly. With such a large head size, this means that the sweet spot is enlarged greatly, which allows for forceful shots even if the ball doesn’t land in the center of the racquet. While improving on feel, this also means it takes less energy to generate power, which can be a godsend for recreational players who don’t want to tire themselves out easily on the court. This racquet can also benefit beginning players who need a little extra ‘oomph’ to get balls over the net, and the extra large sweet spot means that players can feel more confident in their shots as they improve.

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  • Extremely Durable While Improving Stability

To counterbalance the insane amounts of power of the Wilson K Factor KZero, there also needed to be some technology to help make it more durable. That’s why Wilson introduced [K]arophite Black and [K]ontour Yoke technology.

Firstly, the K Factor KZero is made with 100% [K]arophite Black, which is a remarkable material that improves the stability and the strength of the racquet. [K]arophite Black combines Carbon Black from the original nCode racquets with additional bonds of graphite and SiO2 molecules on the nanoscopic level that helps to create a dense and stronger racquet matrix. This material, while creating a stronger racquet, also helps to improve on feel and stability.

Coupled with a new frame design called [K]ontour Yoke, the Wilson K Factor KZero adds even more stability to the racquet. [K]ontour Yoke works by enhancing stiffness at key stress points in the frame, which improves torsional stability greatly.

  • Larger head size means a larger sweet spot for lots of power
  • Extremely lightweight, moreso than most racquets on the market
  • Great feel while [K] Factor technology helps to improve stability and mobility
  • Best for beginning players who need extra power or recreational players who don’t want to waste lots of energy, short to medium swing recommended
  • Pre-strung with Wilson Synthetic Gut Extreme 16g at 60 lbs.
  • Lacks control
  • Considered a game improvement racquet; players can easily start to rely on the Wilson K Factor KZero to generate all the power for them
  • Lightweight and lots of power means more shock, a shock absorber is highly recommended

Final Thoughts

Wilson K Factor KZero ReviewThe Wilson K Factor KZero is a considerable beast on the court with a design that focuses on power and maneuverability. Super lightweight at only 9.1 ounces strung, this can benefit players who don’t want to swing a heavy racquet constantly while providing lots of mobility in hitting shots quickly. With an impressive 118 sq.in head, the Wilson K Factor KZero generates insane amounts of power while a larger than life sweet spot allows for forgiving shots that don’t land in the center. So this racquet can definitely help to improve a player’s game to get balls over the net and provide energy in your shots, although you shouldn’t rely on this racquet forever to generate all the power for you. But for recreational players who aren’t trying to compete, this racquet is perfect as you won’t waste lots of energy playing, but quick tip, use a decent shock absorber to reduce shock to your wrists, arms, and shoulders. The only thing it’s missing is control since this racquet generates so much power on its own, so it’s recommended for players with short to medium swings who won’t hit balls to the moon. And since it comes pre-strung, it will be ready for you to pick up and play immediately.

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