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Tennis Doubles Strategy - Featured

Tennis Doubles Strategy

In doubles matches, you will have a partner beside you to help win some points as well. Since there are two people on the court, that means each player covers less of the court compared to singles. But don’t forget that in doubles, the outside sidelines–called the allies–are used, meaning that you’d still have to cover those extra sidelines. This can allow for a very different tennis game, since players can use different angles on […]

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Rafael_Nadal - Best Tennis Strategy - Featured

Singles Tennis Strategy Guide

Tennis isn’t all about hitting the ball as hard as you can with the hopes that your opponent can’t return it. The reality is, you won’t always have a perfect opportunity to hit a winner, as your opponent will be utilizing something you should be too: tennis strategy. In essence, tennis strategy is all about outplaying your opponent, using techniques that can either: set you up for a winner, or make it so that your […]

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